A Letter from SGF Egg Freezing Patient to the Woman Who Dares to do it All

ef-radellblogRadell is a 34 year old entrepreneur living in the Washington, D.C. area. She happens to be single, and after a few years of contemplation, decided to freeze her eggs at Shady Grove Fertility. Following her decision to freeze and completing her egg freezing cycle, she had the desire to spread awareness about egg freezing by sharing insight and advice for women who are considering this option. Over the next few months, Radell will be writing blogs describing this experience from her point of view.

The Inspiration Behind the Letter

My ‘Dear Sister’ letter is inspired by the women who dare to do it all. The women who are intelligent, smart, and sassy; who have found their way enjoying and exploring life’s passions. They are the trailblazers and the doers. They know what they want, when they want it. But I also write because of the realization of time. How time really is so limited.

This letter comes from my heart, recognizing that what we do and think at times trumps our emotions and feelings. By the time we stop to acknowledge what we really want out of life, it might be too late.

There is so much noise in today’s society; it is easy to drown out the truth of what the heart truly desires. It is my hope women stop to listen to their own wishes and desires.

Dear Sister:

Through many years, I remember you taking my hand and guiding me along.

Then there were some moments that didn’t go so smoothly, on the bumpy sister squabble highway. Oh how we each had our stubborn plays.Lucky for us, those squabbles are long gone. Sharing our love with one another and helping keep stress at bay.

As we dance through our lives on a beam up on high, I think it’s important to stop and not sway. Let’s take a pause and see what’s the cause of some unsettled dismay. You know that feeling, the one you ignore on certain days of the week. Yes, please, sister, stop, pause and think.

You fought long and hard to fight off the status quo. Because you’ve been successful in X, Y, and Z and made magnificence glow. But there is a fleeting moment when life flashes by and you picture days filled with more family. Please do not keep telling people to just let you be and run away to another fancy tree.

Trust that you can still have these things, that you might find love and contentment in those moments of your despair.

Dearest sister of mine, have you paused to think? If so, my heart sings and I am pleased you might be on the brink. Explore the opportunities available to you. Show the future world that trust is the new true.

Because you love your bulleted lists, do not be sad. This love poem will be neatly completed with a checklist for a notepad.

Please check if you have any interest:

  • In bringing life into this world and sharing lessons you’ve learned?
  • In providing unconditional love?
  • Are you open to learn about technology that can help preserve your fertility until you are more certain about your decision?

For all the years I listened to you, it’s your turn to listen to me.

  • Dare to do something different.
  • Dare to step outside of your comfort zone.
  • Dare to bring other people into your dreams.
  • Dare to do the unthinkable.

I will hold your hand the whole way and we will be one happy family.

– Xo, Your Sister & Forever Friend

To learn more about egg freezing, attend one of our upcoming egg freezing educational events or fill out a brief form to  schedule an appointment or call 1-877-411-9292. 

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FOX 5 Investigates: Fertility & IVF Myths

In a recent FOX 5 D.C. news segment, Stephen J. Greenhouse, M.D., of Shady Grove Fertility’s Fair Oaks, VA, office dispelled common myths about in vitro fertilization (IVF) and fertility treatment. During the segment, which aired on March 22, 2015, Maureen Umeh investigated these IVF myths and misconceptions.


1. Are babies born through IVF different?

“Children born through IVF are no less real than any other child. They come from an egg and a sperm, they’re healthy, and they bring joy to their families,” said Dr. Greenhouse. This myth—of children born through IVF somehow being different—has been promulgated by people before but recently arose after comments from designers Dolce and Gabbana.

Dr. Greenhouse responded to these comments by saying, “Unfortunately when people have a large stand where they can make their voices heard, they may make ignorant comments that can be very hurtful. They need to sit down with these families who are struggling with infertility and need to understand what they go through.”

2. Is age really a factor when you’re trying to conceive?

Statistical trends have shown that the age of women at the birth of their first child has steadily been on the rise since the mid-1970s. While this population trend is a documented fact, female biology and physiology has not changed and age still plays a significant role in female fertility. Women are born with all of the eggs that they will ever have and this number begins to sharply decline for women over the age of 35.

Figure 1. First birth rates by selected age of mother: United States, 1970–2012

fertility-ageNOTE: Access data table for Figure 1  [PDF – 123 KB].
SOURCE: CDC/NCHS, National Vital Statistics System.

This trend, compounded with the fact that age is the number one factor in determining success with fertility treatment, is why age and delaying pregnancy has become such an important topic. Knowing when to proactively seek professional guidance while trying to conceive is key. Thus, for women under the age of 35, infertility is defined as trying to conceive for 1 year or longer. For women 35 to 40, it is recommended that they see a fertility specialist if they’ve been trying to conceive for 6 months, and for women over 40, it’s recommended that they see a fertility specialist after 3 months of trying to conceive.

Dr. Greenhouse also touched on an important aspect of trying to conceive that many couples don’t realize: “Couples [may] have infertility and don’t recognize it. They’ve been having unprotected intercourse for a few years but they’ve only intentionally been trying to conceive for a few months. But years of unprotected intercourse without conception can mean that infertility is present and couples should speak with a fertility specialist.”

3. Is IVF affordable?

Many people assume that insurance does not cover IVF or fertility treatment in general and that it’s incredibly expensive. While fertility treatment can be expensive, many insurance companies actually do provide coverage for treatment. Additionally, SGF offers many comprehensive financial programs to help families going through treatment. One of the most well-known programs is the Shared Risk 100% Refund Guarantee, in which patients pay a set fee for six treatment cycles and get their money back in the event they do not take home a baby (some exclusions may apply).

4. Does undergoing IVF treatment mean that you will have multiples (twins, triplets, etc.)?

In the early days of fertility treatment, it was certainly more common for women to have multiples. In the last 10 years though, technological advancements have drastically reduced the potential for multiples, with the twin rate decreasing to around 15 percent and triplets to less than 1 percent of live births in women under 35. “We continue to make great strides in this area, and through elective single embryo transfer (eSET), the incidence of multiple pregnancy has continued to drop at our practice,” said Dr. Greenhouse.

5. Does being healthy ensure that you will not experience infertility?

Unfortunately, being healthy is not a good indicator of whether or not you may experience infertility. Many of the one in eight couples who experience infertility are, indeed, healthy. That being said, there are many health factors that can affect your fertility. “Smoking can have a very negative effect on fertility, and obesity has also been seen to cause fertility complications. Men and women are both at-risk when it comes to smoking and obesity,” explains Dr. Greenhouse.

The bottom line when it comes to IVF is that men and women should not allow myths to influence their decision making. Learn the facts and speak with educated professionals about how fertility treatment can help you. Dr. Greenhouse said, “There are many options out there for people, with a variety of ways to help finance treatments. Coming in to talk with a fertility specialist is a great first step to see if treatment is right for you.”

For more information about infertility treatment or to schedule an appointment with one of our physicians, please speak with our New Patient Center at 888-761-1967.

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Announcing the Cade Foundation’s 10th Annual Maryland Race for the Family presented by Shady Grove Fertility

Cade Foundation Race for the Family

Shady Grove Fertility is proud to present the Cade Foundation’s 10th Annual Maryland Race for the Family on Saturday, June 13, 2015. The Tinina Q. Cade Foundation is a non-profit organization that serves the needs of families battling infertility through education, outreach, and grants that help couples pay for infertility treatment or domestic adoption. In the past decade, through events like the Race for the Family, SGF and the Cade Foundation have raised over $600,000 to raise awareness to support the local community.

The-Maryland-Zoo-generic-logoThe 2015 Maryland Race for the Family will take place–for the first time ever–at The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore, Maryland. Shady Grove Fertility physicians, staff, and current and former patients will join together at this event to celebrate and spread the message that infertility can be overcome. Come run with the animals along a beautiful 5k course, which will feature a 5k run, a 5k walk, and a 1 mile Family Fun Run. Attendees will also have the opportunity to watch the famous SGF Physician Tricycle Race and spend their day at the zoo (each registration includes complimentary zoo access).

Early bird registration is currently available for the Race for individuals and teams. Registration includes an official 2015 Race for the Family t-shirt, a race swag bag, and access to the raffle to win $10,000 that will go towards fertility treatment, provided by Shady Grove Fertility. Registrants are encouraged to participate in fundraising initiatives to give back to the community and gain additional tickets to the raffle: for every $40 that you raise, you will receive one additional ticket for the treatment drawing*.

Now is a perfect time to sign up for the race and begin your fundraising efforts. For more information, visit http://www.mdraceforthefamily.com/.

* Registrants are allowed a maximum of 5 entries for the raffle.

Shady Grove Fertility is committed to the values of affordability and accessibility for all people who face infertility. If you would like to learn more about Shady Grove Fertility or are ready to schedule an appointment, please speak with one of our New Patient Liaisons at 877-971-7755.

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